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transmission cooler

  1. rascole

    H3 radiator transmission cooler exposed.

    Well was a little bored today so I cut open my old OEM radiator to look at the transmission cooler. Wow that thing is small (that's what she said). I understand thermal dynamics but the darn thing only holds a few ounces of liquid.
  2. alrock

    H3 Transmission Cooler Thread Number 3 - install with pictures

    Better late than never in joining the party, right? Reloader and I installed a transmission cooler in my H3 today, about a week after he did one in his. One of his primary concerns was that maybe he bought a two small of a cooler and after a bit of research, it appears that the 14,400 BTU ones...
  3. F

    How To: I bypassed my Transmission cooler with an external

    I was concerned about the dreaded transmission cooler problem so I installed a B&M Supercooler, bypassing the transmission cooler in the radiator. The convention I use is looking into the engine compartment from the front of your Hummer. So right side = Drivers side, also this is for USA. You...