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Quebec Rally Off-Road May 2015 (Ouipack)

Polar Bear

Well-Known Member
Just wanted to extend an invite to everyone to our annual rally here in Québec.

It will be from May 13th to 17th, 2015

This is 5 days of Pure Offroad!

We have some of the best trails in the east and they will challenge even the most heavily modified H1s.

Last year several H1s had to give trying to get to the top of one trail...no one ever made it! Hopefully that will change this year!

May 13th to 15th are the Pre-Runs for those that are arriving early.

The Main Event is May 16th and 17th.

The Event and Trails are held near Mt. Tremblant Québec.

Hope you can make it!!

Please email me for the registration forms it is too large to post here!

I will post some videos of the trails as well.

Polar Bear

Well-Known Member
Some of the New trails for this year are going to be totally AWESOME!!!

Trail 02H is a 1.2km loop that is a combination uphill mudbog and rock crawl, so far no truck has been able to run the full length in Under 3 hours and there is tons and tons of winching!!! I am already really looking forward to it!

Trail 03M is a brutal 750m tangent that has yet to be conquered even by 44" equipped tube buggies!!! So far no truck regardless of brand has made it to the top!!! Mind you this trail has only been attempted twice since it's recent opening!!! And it was late in the fall so I think it will definitely be something the Extreme crew will need to check out!

Here is a Video of 03G, another new trail that has just been opened in the Weir region!

This is the very first run of the trail after it was new opened/cleared.

Lots of slick mud sections while running uphill!

I say Bring It On!!!



This is another one of the new trails just opened during last summer!

Lots of rock on this one!!! Some obstacles look like they will be super tight for an H1! What an Awesome looking Trail!!!


So Put it on Your Hummer Off Road Schedule and Sign Up Now!!!

See you on the trails!