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Hummer H3 SPOD 4X4 Source LT 6 Rocker Auxiliary Switch System Install


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Hey everyone! I posted a new video on my YouTube channel installing a SPOD Aux switch system. I also took some pictures of the install. I know there is many, many different ways to go about doing this and there are different brands to choose from, but this video covers how all these systems work in concept. Let me know what you guys think.

SPOD Install Acer4LO_1.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_2.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_3.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_4.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_5.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_6.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_7.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_8.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_9.jpg

SPOD Install Acer4LO_10.jpg