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Help with brake pedal to floor and no engine power.


Probationary Member
San diego
Military truck, picked up at auction 5k miles.
Has no electronics for the engine as far as I can tell. The throttle pedal is cable driven and there's no vacuum line on the wastegate.

Ran fine and then sat for 6 months.

Wouldn't start, vacuum pump replaced, compressed air blown through each way. Starts immediately now, but no power, can't even go up a hill.

Pulled the exhaust half of the turbo, waste gate moves freely, turbine feels brand new. Intake turbine of turbo looks undamaged and spinds at idle. Later I'm going to have someone increase the throttle and watch it, on a test drive the wastegate doesn't move under full throttle.

Opening the wastegate by hand under full throttle, doesn't affect the acceleration at all.
Exhaust seems to billow out quite well.

Thank you