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H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount


Rockford IL

The H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount bolts on to the Hummer with no permanent modification required to mount an 8,000lb. winch. The winch mount is excessively strong, made from 3/8″ steel for unquestionable strength and reliability. Secured in place with 4 bolt massive bolts, 2 x 5/8” and 2 x 3/4“. Easily installed in a day, and most of that time is just properly relocating the control box solenoid. Designed to used with an Aluminum Hawse Fairlead and Synthetic Rope, providing the best in safety and strength. In stock, and ready to ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the list of winches that fit?
  • I have no way of answering this question, I don’t have the ability to test every winch out there. I currently have the Warn M-8000s Winch mounted to my H3 Hummer. The width of the Warn M-8000s is 21.04″, the height is 7.6″, and the depth is 6.3″. The depth will not fit anything 1″ deeper, and the height is maxed out. The width could easily be another 5-10″ longer. However, I recommend matching those original dimensions, most quality winches will. Finally, the winch controller needs to have the ability to be remotely mounted.
  • Cutting or Modifications to the H3 Hummer require?
  • Absolutely no permanent changes are required, for the H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount.
  • Do I need Synthetic Line?
  • Yes, you need to use synthetic line. The winch mount has been designed with the intended use of an Aluminum Hawse Fairlead, I recommend the Smittybilt 2809 Universal Aluminum Hawse Fairlead because of the inexpensive price.
  • How long is the installation time?
  • With a competent mechanic, 3-4 hours is plenty of time.
  • Are the Winch Mounts in Stock?
  • Yes, I currently always have sets in stock and ready to ship.



Rockford IL
Installation Process


We began by removing 2 bolts from the fender on both sides


Just above those bolts is plastic clip in the fender, just above the bolts just removed.


Next we remove the the shackles.


The last four bolt holding the bumper on. The Torx bit in the center doesn’t need to be removed.


Here we have lifted up and the bumper off and we’re removing the bumper support.


This modification to the bumper support is not necessary, but the owner decided to do it. I personally recommend doing this modifications.


Here you see the modified bumper support.


Reattaching the modified support to the bumper.


In this photo I have genitally been be back a bit to provide clearance for the winch.


We got excited, but the next step is installing the new radiator support that provides the additional clearance need for the winch. The bottom portion now bolts on with the two smaller bolts that are included in the back.


Tightening down the 4 huge bolt holding the winch to the frame.


We’ve relocated the winch to just behind the battery and made longer 4 gauge wires to do so.


Securing the ground to the winch before bolting the winch down.


Attaching the final 3 wires to the winch, it’s ready to be used.


Once the winch and wires are ran, put the bumper back on and mark where the Hawse Fairlead lays to cut the plastic insert. We’ve already done that and are now removing the insert.


We’ve made the cuts and put the bumper back on.


That’s everything to bolting an H3 Hummer Hidden Winch Mount.

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Ilanoid, UP MI
? Are you back in Chicago land ? Can I see this install in person? How hard is it to service and clean the winch? In a slight impact,will the winch be in the radiator?


Rockford IL
? Are you back in Chicago land ? Can I see this install in person? How hard is it to service and clean the winch? In a slight impact,will the winch be in the radiator?

I just left Chicago, I plan to return some time in April. I would be happy to show you it, but currently I'm in Nashville. If the winch is setup properly, servicing and cleaning the winch really shouldn't be need. However I have no issues reaching in and manipulating what I need to. If it was something serious, the bumper can easily be removed in under hour if you know what your doing. There is only 6 bolts holding the bumper on the vehicle in the first place. It would take way more than slight impact, your talking seriously bent frame rails. Having the winch inside the radiator is the least of your problems in that case.