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BRC national land use update


Pavement Prince
Info from states like Arizona,Idaho,Colorado California, and Texas among other.


Hattip to arthummer for helping me find this site through one of his posts. I'll be subscribing for updates for my region hope you do same so we can stand together. Tread lightly and let it be left better than when you got there. On a side note many moons ago we used to fish on a private lake as teens and one of the owners made us a sweet deal, he'd give us a few garbage bags. We fish the perimeter of the lake while collecting trash and catching fish and then Once we finished he let us use his boat and head out on his John boat into deeper waters...worked great and was tons of fun. Wasn't a huge lake(bout half was blocked from our access) so was easily doable and if I told ya that lake had tarpon in it you wouldn't beleive me but it did. During its prime I could tell you some kewl stories of things that went down in that lake but perhaps some other time lol.