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    Purchasing a 93 or 96 H1. Have a few questions.

    Well the H2 finally died so I am Hummerless.

    Looking at 2 different H1s. Going to purchase one that is not perfect so most likely going to slowly rebuild but sure would be nice to use while rebuilding. Any advise would be appreciated!

    Question #1.

    1) I prefer the 4 door hardtop with a truck bed. One of the H1s that we are looking at is a wagon. Dumb questions but are the tops interchangeable? So is the front bed sealed off from the cab whether it is a wagon or truck bed model?

    2) Are we going to hate the 6.2/6.5 diesel and should plan to replace immediately?

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    The tops are interchangeable but finding an HMC4 top and interior trim pieces will not be easy or cheap. I would keep looking for what you really want. The 6.2 will cruise at about 55mph. The 6.5 NA will cruise at about 65mph. The 6.5 turbo will cruise about 70 mph. All will struggle to climb long grades and will drop 20-25 mph on a long climbing grade. These trucks are not built or geared for speed. If you want to drive faster buy a 2006 Alpha or get a Raptor.
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    Yes, tops are interchangeable but like 3Hummers stated it's not an easy task. I don't recommend doing it, unless you really know what you are doing and have the parts available. You'll spend more time and money doing it than if you wait and purchase a 4 door hardtop.
    The trunk is not sealed from the interior in the wagon. There is a partition that can be removed and it is approximately 12" high and extends across the width of the truck.
    These trucks are not built for speed. Do some research before diving into any year H1. I spent about one year looking and learning before buying what I wanted. I wound up spending a little more than I wanted but in the long run, I saved money from not doing repairs.
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