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    Hi all. I joined bc I found an 08 base H3 with 200k for 10k. I'm wondering if it has that much life left? The carfax has no issues. It was a corporate and then a lease vehicle. Would you make an offer on the price or is that a fair price. It looks to be in excellent condition.

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    Is the H3 you found a 3.7L or an Alpha (5.3L)? If it is a 3.7L, the 150K to 220K zone is where you have problems and will most likely need to replace the engine. From what I have seen most 3.7L trucks that I have seen that have 200K miles go anywhere from $6000 to $8000. Now I wouldn't recommend buying something with that high of miles unless you can do the engine work yourself or know someone who won't charge you a premium. Reason why I say this is because once the engine goes bad, and you get quoted $3-$5K+ by local shops that don't have much on an interest, it might not be economically feasible to put all that money into it and you might think it is better to take the loss and sell it "as is" for about $3-$5K.

    If you are buying an Alpha (5.3L) you can worry less about the miles because those engines can go to 300 to 350K if you take good care of them. However you will still have to worry about the driveline like driveshafts, transfer case, diffs, etc.

    Also you should consider how much you will be driving your H3 and if it will be a daily driver or a weekend toy. For me personally I bought a 2008 Alpha 5.3 @ 250K miles that came with new driveshafts, transfer case, front diff, and CVs and it has been driving great. The thing is though I don't daily drive it. In fact, I am only putting about 1K to 2K miles on it per year.

    Last thing. If you plan to use your H3 offroad a lot on something more than just a dirt road, I would highly recommend buying an H3 with the adventure package. I will include a identification chart to help you decipher. The best thing you get out of this package is a rear locking diff and a 4:1 transfer case which can make a day and night difference offroad.

    Hope you find what you are looking for and feel free to share some pics if you buy an H3!

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    Sounds high for a 200k H3. More like $7-8k on price.
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    Agree, $10K is too high.


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