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    Red Cone Trail in CO with Tim

    Went up to Denver for the weekend and Timgco treated me to the Red Cone Trail. Parker and I had a great time on the trail. Apparently it has received a LOT of trail maintenance and many obstacles have been tamed, but it was still a good time.

    An early rocky section

    Parker helping to spot Tim over the rocks

    The nicely built 'Yota

    And the Xterra with the Titan front suspension

    The hills were alive

    The track up to the top of Red Cone

    That's Webster Pass below, but access was blocked by the snowdrift. Doesn't look like much snow, but on the trail it was about 5' deep and 50' long.

    The view back to Red Cone after our descent, waiting for the Xterra

    Heading back down.


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    Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow! Not used to seeing Tim's rigs without a GOBI on them, and his dog has gotten smaller like he's gone all urban on us and stuff.
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