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Thread: 07 H3 Parts

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    07 H3 Parts

    Law in Qatar says I canít fully insure my 3 anymore, so I went out and got myself a black H3 that was about to be crushed.. for free.

    Iíll only be needing fenders & doors in case of an accident, extra roof rails and a few other items here and there.

    Iím not looking to make money on anything, but if you can pay for shipping Iíd be happy to send whatever I can pull out.

    Thereís not much left but hereís a quick list:

    i5 main harness (possibly fully intact)
    Rubber battery air doc
    Brake booster (not sure if it works)
    Spare tire carrier
    Mud flaps (all 4)
    Rear wiper motor
    H3 emblems

    Donít be afraid to ask I didnít list everything.
    Pretty much worthless stuff here & there, but you never know.

    The wife gave me 2 weeks to get it out of our driveway, let me know.

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    Pm sent


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