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    Home made sand track

    Being stuck in the mud a few times and trying to find whatever I can that's around me to stick in front of the tires can be a pain sometimes, I came "across" some spine boards and I may have a plan. The goal is to get some 2x4's and lock N seal them then place them between the handles and top maybe add some skate board tape and be good to go. Any thoughts or that I should keep in mind? I'm worry due to the size maybe should cut them in half and then sandwich them together?

    the plan

    the goal?
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    if you could get the 2x4's corner sticking up I think that would be better then across.... I have seen people use fiberglass grates to make some sand ladders...if I were to make some I start with that and texture the top surface
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    Anything will help but think carefully how much space they will take up & where you will stow them. It helps a lot it they can stack together & if you can lock them down. I have 4 Maxtrax & I carry them on the spare wheel on the back of the H3 in the Maxtrax pack. That way when they are muddy/sandy they don't have to go in or on the vehicle.
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