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Thread: Paintball

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtHummer View Post
    Yea... Lost of interesting staff came out since last time I looked at it... Have you seen a new pain balls - first strike? It says that you can hit target 2 times further then regular paintballs, past 350 feet
    Wont do a bit of good if I cant see past 150 feet....

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    Sometimes it keeps me up at night, wondering why John Wayne walked that way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtHummer View Post
    Here is a good view of a scenario games...

    At first look it looks like a mess so here how it works. Each team got a base on opposite side of the map. When you get shot, you have to leave the game and go back to the base. In the base you can get rest, get more paint or get in to the next squad. New squads form from people that where shot and returned to the base. Each squad should have a Squad Commander that reports to the Captains and General. Captains and General do not run around. They give orders and missions to Squad Commanders based on the Intel collected by them. The Squad Commander collects new squad and tell them what is the next mission. Both team release new squads at the same time, usually 1 or 2 squads every 10 minutes(the time can be changed and arranged by the Generals).... So, if you just a soldier, you get in to the squad, get shot, come back to the base, get more paint, get in to the next squad and in 10 minutes you are back in the game... And that goes non stop all day...
    During the game there are several objectives. The team that wines more objectives is the winner in the end of the day. The objective could be: Hold particular territory - team gets a point for each 30 minutes of consecutive hold of the spot. Collect a package that is usually dropped in an open area in the middle of the field - team get a point for each retrieved package. Destroy enemy tank - team get's a point for each tank destroyed.

    Here is the 'D-Day' (America(A) vs Germany(G) ).... G got best position and good cover but far away from the base. A got very little cover but right next to the base, so everyone who gets shot out almost instantly gets back in to the game.

    Here is another one... On 7:30 is a good example of capture the package(in this case ammo crate)

    I have been to D-Day 3 years now and plan on going this year. What a rush it is to run out of the "landing craft" and attack the Atlantic Wall. Has anyone else been here? I will be there this year with my team. Hopefully I will be able to hit some trails on Friday on the H3 and scout the place out.

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    I have a Tipmann that I moded to work as a sniper rifle as well, but it hard to make a paintball weapon look as real as a Softball weapon.




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