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    Quote Originally Posted by rascole View Post
    The bolts are clearly bent inward.
    That's what I was thinking, I tried to see if I could force them outwards... as a mear mortal I did not have the strength and that's when I started to think something was not right.... but the weird part all 4 are like this so that's the part that had me second guess myself
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    Eat some spinach and pull them straight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RamRod View Post
    I just tried installing the set that I bought a while ago and after taking a looking at the spacing of the supplied Ubolts I decided to stop and check on here first, to me it looks like the radius of the supplied bolts are too narrow for the mount bolt hole spacing, has anyone else ran into this issue or is this the way it is supposed to be? (About 1/4inch off or so)

    Sorry about the issue, I wish the U-Bolts were more precise when they are made, but this the quality that I get.

    What I do is hold the U-Bolt by one of the threads in my hand and hammer the round part into something solid, like concrete or a good rock. Do this 2 - 3 times and it should open right up, careful not to over shoot the distance. If you happen to have something that can hold the U-Bolt with out damaging the threads, like a vise, a little bit of leverage goes a long way.

    For me this is something I've grown up around and is normal. However it seems that I need to look into getting U-Bolts that are more precise.

    Whatever the case, I'll work with you to get it figured out.
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