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    Scanguage Intake Air Temp - where is it measuring?

    For the H3, where is Scangauge getting the data from? Is this a good measure of under hood temps?

    Before I cut vents under the hood louvers I want to compare if my under hood temps will actually drop.

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    Intake air temp is a measurement of the airflow into the engine, just past the air filter housing. The sensor is actually part of the mass airflow sensor.

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    The intake for air into the engine is drawing air from the fender and the outside of the engine compartment. Theoretically, one could take the hood off and the intake air temp would be the same as with the hood closed. A vent, IMHO, would only be allowing ambient block temp and the radiator temp to draw some heat off as the air moves into the engine compartment from under the bumper and "should" draw out the louvers. Unless there is a dead area of air moving over the hood, hitting the windshield and tumbling the airflow. It is possible that the louver will not actually change the airflow. Louvers on the fenders could change the airflow pattern.

    Has anyone had an engine failure due to excessive heat? I really don't know because I don't live in a high heat area.
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    With my previous 3.7liter H3 and snorkel my Air intake temperature was 1 or 2 degrees celsius higher than the ambient temperature displayed in the rear view mirror. I have not yet installed a snorkel on the V8, as there's no local stock and we are awaiting shipment from Auz. The temperature of the V8 air intake is 6-8 degrees celsius warmer than the ambient currently while driving on the open road, when hitting city traffic the temperature difference increases to above 25 degrees. Unfortunately I cant find any photo's I have taken of this, but I'm anqious to get the Snorkel fitted and see if there's a significant improvement in temperatures.

    I'm planning a trip to Namibie in December/ January and the ambient temp there will be 38-45 Degrees Celsius (100-113 F) and I don't want any possible heat issues when driving in the dunes
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