I just posted that last after including a link to this from the thread someone was starting from scratch about the rack.

I once mentioned the frame is the key to this. It makes the thing work and does not damage the vehicle.
I think a good quality basket for a hitch unit could be used and already made, mounted to the frame.

I think by now most of you have figured out that I set up my H3 for specific types of trips and most include taking "luxury items" when just camping and exploring.
Hard core wheeling you could remove this or just not load it up. I did however try it in Moab and the extra weight may or may not have been an issue where I hung up a couple of times. However in one instance a spring over with 35's did not climb a wall when another stock H3 just went right up. I think in a lot of cases it's the line or just bad Ju Ju that day. Even multiple attempts some days just does not work.
That same place my heavy loaded H3 did not make it in a couple of attempts and after I had waited over an hour while others bashed the obstacle I chose the strap to save my vehicle from repeated bashing into the rocks and lived to die another day.
I'm always interested in people coming up with different ideas on this and those with skills should be able to accomplish it. I just want to give out info to help in the project from my experience.