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    Aussie TJM offroad gear

    Saw an ad for TJM in Four Wheeler mag today. They have been around for 40 years and carry straps, winches, bumpers, compressors, jacks, lockers, etc..


    Wondering if you Aussie's have any experience with them good or bad?

    In the states ARB gets the most publicity, just curious which company came around first? From the look of the TJM bumpers, they look an awful lot like the ARB bumpers. Or is it the other way around?
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    TJM are a Brisbane based company which was started by Lloyd Taylor, Steve Mollenhauer and Cliff Jones specialising steel and Alluminium products for 4WD's. About 10 years ago the company was bought and non of the original owners now work in the business.

    They vary from ARB in that whilst ARB still manufacture their steel bars predominantly in Australia, TJM's bars are now all made in China. I'll let you decide which supplies the better quality. As TJM is basically a design and wharehousing facility now, they have put a lot of resources into their design department in recent years.

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    Both have been around here for a long time. I have had both ARB & TJM product. The main reason I bought TJM over ARB was they had an Aluminium Alloy bar whereas ARB only had Steel bars.
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