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    Rivian goes public today…

    Watching this IPO closely today….ticker symbol: RIVN

    This should be the first indicator of how hot the EV truck market really is. Everything until now has been half-hearted attempts at a mass produced electric truck (inc. the E Hummer). Looks like Rivian may be the real deal.

    Ford already owns 13% and Amazon owns 20% of Rivian but today we all get a chance to buy-in. I’m expecting a rocket ride, much like the Tesla story. Time will tell.

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    Do you really think the Hummer EV is half-hearted? I thought it was built on the new EV platform that GM will be using for their future vehicles, albeit built as a halo vehicle and not one for the masses. I think GM's technology is there, even if it's not accessible. Rivian is priced more reasonably. I agree that it will be interesting to watch Rivian's future.

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    As far as tech and scaling, we have been following the new platform by GM used on the new Hummer and really believe it is far from half hearted. Honestly feel that it will be able to be scaled faster than Rivian's and have a better support network. The Rivian suspension is really cool if you get a chance to look into it and I think outside of Tesla they have the best opportunity to succeed as a company that is not one of the big 3. The issue is time matters, I know that while not all GMC dealers will be setup to service the electric hummer right away the chance of me being somewhere and being able to get service if I need it is much higher with a GM product than a startup. Yes, its electric and should not have many issues but these vehicles are rolling computers and things happen.

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    I think we might have too many of these things now...

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    As a reservation holder of a Rivian R1T, I have been watching Rivian for a while. I think their approach to the EV Truck has been exceptional. It certainly will not check all of the boxes for most conventional truck buyers, but I think it will accelerate EV Overlanding and EV Adventure vehicles to a level that does not exist today. I think they really did their homework while developing their platform and are probably the best EV startup to follow Tesla. Unbelievable rocket ride with the IPO this week. I expect they will have their growing pains similar to Tesla, but they have the benefit of learning and avoiding some of the same mistakes. I’m looking forward to attending a first drive event and get a chance to really inspect the platform soon.
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    The stock price action on the opening day was very volatile. Looks like it’s gotten slightly more stable since then.

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