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    Sad news, David Kinsey

    I spoke to David's wife, Paula, this morning and she informed me that David took his own life yesterday morning.

    David - D.Kinsey on the forum - was an avid motorsports guy. His business, Coachwerks by Kinsey, does fantastic body work and artwork on motorcycles. The shop employs several very skilled artisans and you can see the work on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

    David was a person who spent his time making sure the people around him were happy, from Paula to his employees to his friends. He was gracious, kind and giving. I visited them near Galveston last September and spent a couple of nights at their home - they invited me in once they found out Parker was traveling with me . We ate some fantastic seafood and great Texas barbecue. He hooked me up with some local service for my Ducati since I was in the midst of a long road trip. Even though we didn't talk too often, and saw each other even less, he was a great friend to me.

    I was able to wheel with David and Paula both in Moab and Ouray. He first had an H3 and later the most immaculate, lifted H2 SUT you'd ever see. A couple of years ago when he sold it, he was asking $50K for it and few believed he'd get it. It sold within a week at asking price. He also had the cleanest 911 you'll ever find. He entered it into car shows for a few years, winning every one. He eventually stopped entering them to, as he put it, "give the other guys a chance to win". It was stunning to look at from a distance or up close and it was actually appreciating in value.

    But more than Hummers and Porsches, David liked his motorcycles. He and Paula often took road trips, or he'd go on shorter trips with local friends. He had a Kawasaki H2 that he modded for extra speed in his quest to reach 200 mph. He got to 194 and ran out of road, or courage, before aborting that quest. His most recent tour bike was a Honda Gold Wing, a bike he'd swore he'd never buy but was forced into that decision when the local inventory of bikes was low and he couldn't get the BMW he wanted. He ended up loving that bike in no small part because it was the most comfortable bike for Paula. Paula and David wanted to come ride in AZ and I was putting together a three to five day itinerary for them to ride some of the great Arizona roads.

    David will be missed. I tried to visit them a few months ago but the Texas storms, with the lack of electricity and water, made that impossible. I owed him a phone call.

    That's David on the far right, and Paula by his side

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    That sucks. He was a good guy. Enjoyed them on his trip to Moab. I remember his H2. Couldn't believe he was wheeling it. It was spotless in and out.
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    That is sad, I remember him from a Moab trip. He was a good guy.
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    Sorry to hear Alex. My condolences.

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    Very sorry to hear about David's passing. My condolences. He was a really nice guy and I am lucky to have met and wheeled with him Moab. Sad news indeed.

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    Extremely sad to hear this. Amazing guy.
    I remember going after him up Hell’s Gate and being scared ****less after watching him almost flop on the wall, not paying attention to Neo.
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    I didn't know him but condolences to his family and friends. They are going to need a lot of support. My wife's father exited the same way so every time we hear about someone else it saddens us that another family will have walk this road.

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    I am saddened to learn of this. He contributed a lot to the Hummer community over the years.


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