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    Throttle controller

    Merry Christmas guys! I received a question on Facebook regarding throttle controllers. I have the hikeit X9 and wow!! It doesn’t make your vehicle faster but it gets you to full throttle quicker. I installed it 3-4 months ago so I have had some time using it.

    It has Eco mode, Sport Mode, Auto Mode and Hikeit mode. You also have off mode, where it bypasses the system. You have 1-9 sensitivity on each mode. It will allow 40 or so options on throttle sensitivity. It plugs in between the pedal and no CEL happen.

    I went this route because I wanted a snappier throttle on ledges I had to bump hard but for on-road I didn’t want it to be a pain and super sensitive. It flat out works great and recommend it!! If you want a less sensitive pedal off road you can go into eco mode. Some like snappy offroad and some like a “dead” pedal. I preferred a dead pedal for years to be smooth but as I wheeled more and more and went to stronger axles I wanted snappy to “bump” up stuff. Either way, it’s a modification I haven’t seen on here and recommend it!

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