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    H1 - 12 Valve Cummins Swap

    I'm in the planning stageof the Cummins swap I'm going to start in my h1... hopefully sooner than later. I plan to pull the motor/tranny/Tcase out of the H1, do the 3" body lift, get the motor all cleaned and sealed, and see how poorly it fits. If it looks like I can get it in there in the same place that the 6.2 sits and still have access to work on the IP, I may build mounts to put it there. However,it looks like the height and length of the cummins is going to make it a tight squeeze at best, and probably make certain things I need access to on the motor inaccessible. If that is the case, I may design some kind of lift kit - probably around 6" - that will lower the center section of the axle assembly. This way, I could move the motor further forward than the 6.2 sits, and stand the radiator more upright than oem position. I also plan to get an intercooler in there somewhere... as if I didn't have not enough room to deal with already. I plan on using the nv4500 and dodge tcase behind it, so where the transmission ends up sitting doesn't really concern me... the linkage is going to be a nightmare regardless. Keep in mind that this swap is to make this truck move... I am not trying to retain the "integrity" of the hummer - I.E., I will modify the frame and or firewall if necessary. A couple of concerns - Because of the gear reduction at each tire in the hummer, the cv axles spin backwards. Is this converted from the drivetrain in the differentials, or in the T-case? It would not be fun to put a dodge drivetrain in and have 5 reverse gears. Also, is there anything in the front end going to be compromised from the fact that I will be able to run in 2wd now? I have only found one H1 with a 6bt swap online, and there was very little information - I believe the motor was mostly stock, and married to the stock hummer tranny. I know that I am rambling on, but... I would just like to hear anyone's ideas on this project and/or further knowledge of the hummer that I have not yet considered. Also check out my post for awesome guys over here! Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Some 6 cylinder conversions I noticed used a modifed/custom valve cover for one of the cylinders, they cut a chunk out of the block so it cleared the firewall and it didn't impact anything on the engine since there is a huge void inside the valve covers. You would want a baffled oil pan otherwise the pickup may starve of oil if you are at a steep angle.


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