It's time.

Diode came in and repaired efans. Tested the AC system and found a leak, picked up some new seals and that did the trick. Charged the AC.

Started the body lift on the bed, and found Daystar's instructions rather disappointing. As I skimmed over the instructions, they mention to replace the 4 factory clear isolators and install the 4 bed body lift spacers. Except... the H3T has 6 bed/body mounts, not 4. They include enough lift spacers/pucks but short you two bolts and washers.

So just an FYI to T owners. You'll need to source your own bed bolts and washers. You'll need two of each. Their instructions call for M14x90 bolts, but they are actually M12x60 ​bolts. Not a huge deal but you would think that they would have their crap together on a kit that has been out for over 10 years. I tried to be nice and called Daystar and talked to tech support to point out the issue, they haven't revised the instructions since 2013. Plus, they don't know crap about these kits, the guy wanted to read the instructions over with me on the phone. "Well, the kit only calls for 4 bed bolts, so that's what it must be", even though I physically had the 6 bolts in my hand. They didn't care to revise the few typos, incorrect bed bolt sizes, and number of bolts I mentioned because they, "Don't sell enough of these". Kind of lame if you ask me.

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​Anyways, finished up the bed and installed the BORA 1.25" wheel spacers. Hub centric/wheel centric design from billet aluminum. Pretty nice pieces. And I like the fact that you could press out the stud and press in ARP studs if I wanted to.

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Wrapped up the front end and started her up!

Can't tell you how happy I was to hear that glorious Texas Speed cam lol. All that work, effort, & hurdles we've gone though was worth it!

Next major item on the list is to get it tuned.