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    Cluster LED needle removal - Some tips

    Had to replace a burned out light in the cluster, here's some tips from what I've learned, especially when removing the needles.

    1) Disconnect battery first, for safety
    2) Pull off dash cluster trip (just pull it 'straight' towards you -- *firmly*)
    3) Remove screws
    4) Remove cluster and undo connector

    5) Remove retaining screws for circuit board and set aside clear lens and plastic backing
    6) Move the needles to the bottom of their travel and note their position (or take some tape and mark)
    7) To remove the needles, take a kitchen fork (one that's not very thick), and position the tines on each side of the needle stem
    8) Pop up. They should just pop off. I had mine on/off several times and never broke one. Worst case, If ya break the plastic on one, carefully krazy-glue the plastic back together. The crazy glue will melt the plastic a little and create a very strong repair (let it sit for 6-8 hours before pushing on)
    9) Solder off old LED bulb/s, remove with tweezers
    10) Solder on new bulb/s of whatever color you want.

    I only needed one bulb so I bought a set of these and removed the LED and installed it on the circuit board. It's about 1.5x larger than the other LED's but worked in my case (for a warning light). But other LED's can be purchased which you can find in other posts. If I were changing all of them I would try to find some smaller LED chips that are easier to solder on the board. But these were inexpensive, and worked for my warning light. (note: the side of the chip that has 3 small drilled holes, is 'Negative')


    Well, good luck!
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