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    transmission leaking from somewhere after pan drop?

    Hey guys my truck has the 4l60e and about 10 days ago I dropped the pan, installed a new gm filter and gasket and then reinstalled the pan. Torqued it to 11 foot lbs with a torque wrench. I then removed the cooler line and did the cooler liner exchanged. I filled it to cold and then drove around for 30 mins and added again to get it to the “hot” section. The next day I hit the highway and drove 600km. Everything went fine, 2 days later I noticed the transmission RPM were surging when I would shift from reverse to park, park to drive etc so I thought it was due to the cold weather or something. I hit the road again and after 100km I pulled over and filled gas and checked the transmission fluid and it was in the cold region again, weirdly so I added again to get it into the hot area and continued on with my day. The surges were due to the low fluid it seemed so once i filled up it was all good. This whole last week I didn’t drive much so I couldn’t get it hot enough to check but i didn’t notice any surging/rpm spikes so I assumed everything was good! Yesterday I checked the fluid again when it was hot, and it was back down to the cold region again. So I added again for the 2nd time. I heard that sometimes air gets in the system when I remove cooler line and do the exchange but I doubt it could be that much. I assume I have a small leak or something? It seems to only like the amount between cold and hot on the dip stick which is like 250-400mL maximum imo. What do you guys think it is? I assume pan needs to be retorqued again? Or maybe the cooler line is leaking but I checked quickly and didn’t notice anything. Anything else I should look at?


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    You would know if the trans has any external leaks. They are fairly obvious, and ATF likes to smoke/catch fire. The only other leak point would be at the resr main seal and fluid is seeping into the transfer case. Check the fluid level in the TC. How many quarts did you put in when dropping the pan? The system when fully drained only holds simething like 13 quarts.


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