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Thread: 06 h3

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    06 h3

    I am looking at buying a 06 H3 with 92k miles on it. I been looking around and found out about the cylinder head issue and the VIN# range effected ,which this truck fall into. The truck has a check engine light on so when I did the test drive I went by Autozone and had the code checked which shows to be a O2 sensor. The truck runs and drives great so now I am not sure what to do because I was ready to go on it.
    ,Looking for opinions is it worth it or should I walk away?

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    I own an 06. Bought it with 72k in 2011 and now it has 255k with minimal engine issues. Honestly I would look for a 3.7 or the alpha. The 3.5 is severely underpowered for the size of the truck and the location I live in, Denver CO. There are a few questions to be asked like are you buying from the original owner? Was the head ever replaced? What type of driving will you be doing? What region do you live in? Price of the vehicle? I only ask this because I bought my truck in south Mississippi and it did great until I moved to Denver. Now Iím in the hunt for a 6.2l. The 3.5 is constantly shifting down to 3rd and 2nd when Iím on I-70 westbound.

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    The miles are relatively low on your truck (the one you're looking at). It's hard to say on any vehicle if it'll give you trouble or not. You could call GM service and see if it's had all the warranty and recall work done. It's all personal choice what ya like and how much power you think you need.

    I've driven an 06 that was almost a carbon copy of mine, same basic options. The 06 I drove didn't feel like a dog (on flat ground). I guess mine did have a little more power, but seemed like more low-end power for like pulling away from stop signs. These vehicles weren't race cars, but between the two, yeah, I'd go with the 07. My 07 is very good for daily driving. Do you need extra power for like trailer towing? I'd look at the overall vehicle, the options, condition and decide if it meets your needs. Give it a good test drive. If you think it fits your needs and looks like it'll work, give it a go. Yeah if you live in a hilly region ..or even the mountains, you might want the extra V8 power. I've had Jeep Grand Cherokees with I-6's and V8's and yeah the V8 moves the vehicles around nice, makes everything easier. But thirstier too.

    But from a reliability standpoint, hard to say. You'd think any major problems would have surfaced and been resolved by now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeepwalker View Post
    You'd think any major problems would have surfaced and been resolved by now.
    Agreed, and generally, the head issues would have been resolved by now. You should (or a mechanic should) be able to look and see if the head has been replaced already.




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