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    CB and HAM radio antenna placement

    So who has a good setup for CB and HAM radio in their rig? I currently have CB installed with a junk magnetic antenna that I ran the cable up the A-Pillar cover and stuck on the corner of the roof. It was quick and dirty with the cable running through the weather stripping but only after about a month this is proving to be a very bad decision. I thought about a whip on the back but I don't like the looks of those. I'm contemplating a fire stick or similar and mounting off the brush guard. I'm also in the process of planning out the HAM radio setup and need a placement for that antenna as well. Wondering if the opposite side of the brush guard would be decent there as well. I haven't come across any fender mount brackets specific for the H3 but that could be an option as well. Obviously the higher the better but I still want to be able to park in the garage and not have to worry about low hanging trees.

    Whatcha got??
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    Best location for any antenna as far as signal propagation and reception goes is going to be on top of the roof, period. Anything else is a compromise. Your goal is going to be to get the antenna as high as practical with as little sheet metal parallel to it. I have my CB antenna and have had my 2m antenna mounted to my roof basket and bonded to the roof sheetmetal. Not a perfect setup, but good enough.

    Here is a good site that will tell you more than you probably want to know: http://www.k0bg.com/

    If you're not too worried about signal then brush guard is OK, but off the fender or hood would be better.
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    I use a magnetic antenna on my roof rack. Reloader fabbed a right angle plate for me that is bolted to the rack. When in use, the magnet sticks to the base of the plate. When not in use, I turn the antenna horizontal and stick is to the vertical part of the plate for storage. Cable runs along the roof rack, under the roof trim and down the A pillar. Borrowed the idea from Dwaine.

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    I used a Roc Doc spare tire mount, added a FireStick quick disconnect since Im not running the antenna 24/7


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