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Thread: Year in Review

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    I plan to get to Moab

    I should have listed it. I’m trying to get my wife to go. She’s gone to KOH a few years in a row and I told her Moab will be more fun for her. Less crappy weather, warmer place to sleep, a town with stores and restaurants, the list goes on.
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    2021...went to Moab. That is the extent of my off-roading for the year. The construction business has been crazy for the last several years and is only getting busier and more complicated with labor shortages, crazy prices and supply chain issues. Got my new C8 Corvette in November of 2020 and have a grand total of 1770 miles on it so far. That is how busy I have been. Ordered a new 3500 Chevrolet dually diesel 4x4 in 2021. It has been built since November 2021 but still is sitting in a lot in Michigan for a reason no one can find out. Dealership has contacted everyone in the management chain and we have no answers. One quarter of my work force is out with Covid this week. No one is having a bad time with it. So far 2022 is looking a lot like 2021. I was hoping for better.
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    Got my low oil pressure issue fixed. Replaced the oil pump and the squared off o ring on the Jasper engine. Second Jasper engine. Converted the pig to coil springs, time , parts availability and expense. Drove to Wisconsin, turned around and drove back to California for Christmas, which was canceled due to Covid. Awesome!!!

    Almost hit a guard rail head on in Minnesota. Pulled it out and only slapped the right rear bumper extension on the guard rail. Hard hit.

    Smh! Few hours later, blew the right half shaft in a parking lot with two feet of snow. My bad. Drove 1600 miles in 4 hi lock.

    Turned 303161 on mileage today. Pig is running amazing.

    Moab, 2022, long drive, but planning on being there
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    Not so excitement like you but for me:
    new power lock/window switch, new optima yellow batterie installed with new batterie terminals (cuttet the old ones off)
    This spring:
    will do Raptor line on windshield plastics , backdoor and the rest on top.
    will put another coat of black Hammerite (like Rustoléum ) on the entire chassis, under body, axles, upper and lower control arms.
    It will give another 5 years of protection to my babe

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