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    Fuel line bracket and MPG

    recently my fuel line bracket broke on my H3 and my fuel line is rattling / hitting the drive shaft and it's very annoying. I was wondering where I could get a replacement? I've looked everywhere. Also, I'm getting low MPG (225 on a full tank) was wondering if I'm doing something wrong?

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    Post a picture of what's broken and maybe we can help you out. If not, I'm sure a dealer could point you in the right direction.

    When you talk about a "full tank" - how many gallons are you putting in when filling up? MPG is usually determined first by the right foot, second by the vehicle itself. Is your vehicle stock or modified? How many miles on it? What accessories do you have, like roof racks, etc.?

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    I get just over 15 mpg with an 06 3.5l with a torsion crank, 1" daystar body lift, roof rack, hi-lift mounted on roof rack, 35's, airdoc intake, and AFE dry filter. Looking at doing a PCM tune in the near future but not with the intent of saving on gas
    2006 H3 3.5L I5 Adventure / Luxury / De-chromed / De-badged / Torsion lift / 35" Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs / Bilstein 5100 shocks / Schwarttzy skid plates / Schwarttzy high clearance leaf spring plates / Warrior rear shackles / Solid Axle GM Corporate 10 Bolt rear diff cover / 1" Daystar body lift / Custom Tube Doors x4 / AirDoc / AFE dry filter / Outfitter Design steering rack reinforcement and front differential bushing kits / PCM of NC tune


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