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    Quote Originally Posted by DFW Spartan View Post
    With regards to mounting direction of the trans cooler, a couple manufacturers indicate that their coolers can be mounted in any direction, and there are many folks on the inter-web with trans cooler how-to installation instructions doing just that. However, my understanding is that there are only two efficient ways to mount a trans cooler. Method 1 - Vertically, with the inlet (hot line coming from the transmission) at the bottom, and outlet (cool - return line going back to the transmission) at the top. Method 2 - Horizontally, with the inlet/outlet lines to be facing upwards, so the fluid fills the entire cooler before being pushed out the return line. Is that correct, or is my understanding off?
    I agree with the sites that recommend these two mounting methods. I used method 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alrock View Post
    This is the one that I installed, which was essentially a couple of steps larger than the recommended inline cooler. Long Tru-Cool LPD Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler 4589 24,000 GVW. Note that I've essentially got the same build as you with a winch bumper installed. Reloader likely undersized his first cooler so he bought a second one of the same, stacked them, and ran them in series to get his cooling.
    Went ahead and ordered the Long Tru-Cool LPD 4589 trans cooler, and Derale 13011 thermostat today. Thanks for yawl's inputs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DFW Spartan View Post
    Endeavored - Can you forward me part numbers and pics of your install?
    Sorry for the semi-late response, hectic week/weekend. The part number for the cooler is LNG-4454, it is a long Tru-cool cooler and is rated for 18000 GVW. For me everything included in the kit was good enough for the install besides buying some more hose at autozone. Below are my install pics. For how I ran the cooler(Transmission Outlet Line -> OEM rad cooler inlet -> OEM rad cooler outlet -> Bottom inlet of Aux cooler -> Upper Outlet of Aux cooler -> Transmission Return line). I know that you're aiming for eliminating the radiator trans cooler but all information is useful information . Scanguage picture shows the hottest temp I achieved while towing a small fisherman boat up the I-17.

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    In the Photo below, on the "to trans" line I cut off the barb on each side and flared each end. (Alrock opened the crimp on the hose and used the factory flared ends). So from the OEM cooler it runs to the aux cooler and then the aux cooler to the transmission.

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    When cutting the crimp off the transmission lines, be careful. The crimped metal is maybe 1.0mm thick. If you cut too deep, you'll nick the trans line. You don't need to cut all the way through the rubber hose. It will pull off when the metal crimp is cut. I used a dremel tool with a small cutoff disc and it made pretty easy work of it. I'd post a picture but my photos are always too big to post here.
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    Yep, the crimped metal on the hoses is aluminum so no need to get carried away with cutting it. Even a pair of side cutters is sufficient.

    I just came back from Colorado towing a couple thousand pounds worth of trailer and restaurant equipment along with my wife and 3 daughters and the back full of my fridge and recovery gear and our luggage, along with some other items my mom gave me. We took I70 back and anyone that has driven that knows it has plenty of steep passes to climb. Highest the transmission temperature got was maybe 205F. Granted it was fairly cool out, probably in the 60's, but that's still pretty good especially considering most of those climbs I was maintaining the speed limit of 65mph.

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    Thank you all in this thread. Just to be safe I installed a Hayden 403 this past weekend.
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