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Thread: H1 body removal

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    H1 body removal

    Can anyone tell me how long it would take to lift the H1 body off? I got screwed and bought one a couple months ago that has broken exhaust manifold bolts broken off in the heads. My garage has no clue for a price quote but is going to reach out to someone tomorrow for an idea. They might not even do the fix. Anyway I figure Iím looking at least 3k + just to fix an exhaust leak. Anyone have any experience?

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    Call Mike Sabberese at Tustin GMC in Tustin, CA. He is the best H1 mechanic in the country. I have never had that issue and I know it is a chore but 3K seems high for that. I don't think prepping to lift the body off is that time intensive though.
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    That's insane. You don't need to lift the body to do that job, you do need to pull the UCP and the starter but.. it sounds like you would be paying a mechanic to learn/figure out how to service the truck.

    Now you would need to pull the doghouse and the engine cover but that's 20-30 minutes, and its no different than a van. I guess the mechanics don't realise the dog house comes off? I'd find another mechanic.


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