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    Oh I absolutely agree it was a totally sh87tty way for them to do it. Just overnight and bam, forums all over the internet suddenly have linked images broken everywhere. It has already screwed me up a couple of time when searching for pics of something someone else has done that I wanted to use as a reference so I could do the same mods. I pretty much agree with your entire post..... they have essentially screwed themselves. No amount of good will at this point will undo the harm that they have already done to themselves by just abruptly cutting it off the way they did. I think had they given plenty of advance notice and thoughtfully explained their reasons for needing to start charging and offered some reasonably prices plans they likely would have had a gold mine.

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    Short answer is there is a right way and a wrong way to conduct business. Photobucket chose the wrong way. After the dust settles they will have a fraction of the customers. Huge numbers of account holders they could have captured with a reasonable approach will never trust them again. They deserve every bit of hurt they are going to feel. The executives that hatched this hair brained scheme have likely already updated their resumes knowing the board is going to fire them.
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    Where is the $400 pricing coming from. You had me worried, but my photobucket account is $60 a year. I may start using other services, but I'm curious if I'm missing a big picture...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
    Where is the $400 pricing coming from. You had me worried, but my photobucket account is $60 a year. I may start using other services, but I'm curious if I'm missing a big picture...
    Everything I've read is they updated their TOS with new plans and the only plan now that allows embedding your photos in websites and forum posts is the $400 a year one. Anything below that doesn't allow it. But they probably went after the free accounts first.

    I'm willing to bet their next step was originally to start going after the ones that already pay but are the lower cost accounts. They might be rethinking that approach now though.

    I've heard of a number of others that already were paying various amounts due to storage needs or whatever that still have their images working.

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    They didn't go after all free accounts, yet. I can still post. However, I have verified I have all the photos I have on Photobucket, if not downloading them and slowly migrating the photos to another site. When Photobucket cuts the links if someone needs to see the photos on that thread, and I'm notified, I will repost If not, I really don't care.

    As of today, mine are still linked....I wonder for how long?

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