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    Neo- I totally agree. Those are two great tools. The m16 can be very useful! The moving blanket is a must have for working on the trail, unless you enjoy droping things in dirt/sand/snow etc. and then looking for them. The first thing you need for any repair is a moving blanket. I would pack tools behind the cooler with folding chairs on top of tool bags, a small sthil chain saw near the back somewhere with a first aid kit near the top( easily &quickly accessible ). The first thing you should see right on top is good made in America, quality heavy duty recovery gear (nothing from home depot or wallmart!!!!). Even just a good strap and two shackels minimum. It's almost impossible ( depending on who you are of course ) to overkill your recovery gear. If somthing bad happens, it normally happens quickly. When your hummer breaks down and you need to fix it you will be there awhile so get out the folding chars and beer cooler and tool bags to hold down the moving blanket and your ready to repair. A uhf/vhf radio is a no brainer( cb radios suck!). Tools i would bring are basic hand tools (no affiliation but snap-on makes a nice Bluepoint kit https://store.snapon.com/Product-Det...B-P874799.aspx thats a good amount of tooks in a little easy to carry blue box.), big and small hammer and prybars, pickle fork, butane or map gas torch, good recharable flashlight, zip ties, bailing wire, sour patch kids( these are great for plugging some CTiS leaks), wiring tools, floor jack & jack stand, electric drill and grinder with extra batterys and charger, etc. etc. liquid nitrogen bottles with regulator is great for running air tools. Also bring the spare parts that break like pmds and steering parts and ball joints.

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    PullPal and Hilift. Must haves.

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    I'm building my carry kit this weekend.

    What it's looking like:

    -2 large rubber wheel chocks [harbor freight]
    -1 6 ton [single rated] jackstand
    -HMMWV Jack kit [largest item, its the 2 part new style hydraulic ]

    -Craftsman wrench/socket kit in plastic case
    -Extra tools: misc items, but in particular, the large socket for the pitman nut and a breaker bar for general use.
    -Dewalt impact gun
    -Misc headlamps/flashlights
    -First aid kit
    -Full-size fire extinguisher
    -Multi tool bag kit [shovel, tool, etc] I have the ARB or Hi Lift brand.

    -Bubba rope/tow strap with shackles
    -Blue hummer hub disconnect kit
    -Steering box bolts spare set
    -Chain and bolt on motor mounts


    -spare serp belt
    -Ball joint set x1
    -Half shaft [2 front 1 rear, may replace with a build a shaft kit down the road]
    -Idler & Pitman arm
    -Tie rod x1, radius arm x1


    DOT 5 [for pre 98 trucks]
    Quart of motor oil
    Quart of Dexron
    Gear oil

    cooler + chairs


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