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    It sounds like CZ is going to be making a civilian version of the 806 Bren 2. I'm a huge CZ fan, so I may pick one up. The 806 improves on the 805 Bren in a few ways. CZ also makes it in 300 blackout and makes it easy to do an SBR.

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    Seems I will be in the minority - piston.

    Direct impingement is a better introduction to the AR platform - sure is. But is that the overriding concern with this build? Or its intended use?

    Direct impingement is easier to clean - considering that if I let it go too far I could simply take a while wheel to my piston to get the crud off, I am going to politely disagree with this one. (And no, I am not that bad, just saying sometimes we let things slip). A suppressed direct impingement would accumulate some nasty fowling fairly quickly. Do you want to bet your life, safety, and well-being (this IS intended for home defense) on whether or not you remembered/had time to clean it every single use?

    Piston is louder - it may well be, however I am going on the assumption that suppression is for the home defense/CQ scenario. The sound is not to be hidden, so much as to be minimized to avoid hearing damage in such scenarios. This, then, becomes a non-issue.

    Granted, direct impingement tends to be more accurate, but once again consider the setting. DI is more reliable and hardy, except in extreme sustained fire...you don't live in Aleppo, do you? And altering the function of the platform may render it undesirable to anyone but the initial user (resale). So take my advice with a grain of salt. Either way, enjoy the process and shoot the $h!t out of that thing when you're done.

    Oh, and please post pics.

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    Might look into the Spikes Tactical SBR. It is suppressed from the factory.
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    Spikes would be a no brainer for me if I was in the market again, they are down the street in Apopka and I know several friends who are superbly happy with them.
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