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    Need an H1??

    No, that is driving 55-60 mph down the highway or normal driving around town. If you bury your foot on the pedal you can kill those numbers.
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    Need an H1??

    No one needs an H1, they are a want. They also do much better than 6 mpg. I average 11-12 mpg in mine. Not that much different than a 3/4 ton 4x4 truck. Pictured is a HMMWV. Big difference from and H1.
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    1992 H1?

    Doesn't sound too bad. The old saying is " if it doesn't squeak and leak it isn't a Hummer". The lightweight skid plates weren't plastic but they weren't very hardy either. Should be aluminum or the heavy duty ones were steel. The defroster fan may be weak or the ductwork loose. Sometimes the...
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    Many forums require a post of a certain length/ # of characters. Are you typing out a complete question?
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    5.56 vs 300 BLK

    Desert...two pins and you can change your 300 BO to 556 or vice versa. Not much to it.
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    Sig P365 XMacro

    Mikkel you would love the XMacro. Very nice gun. Not snappy at all.
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    Just picked this rare Birch white H3T

    Nice find. Congrats.
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    1992 H1?

    All 92s were limited edition. They only made 316. All were sold directly to the consumer, some through Nieman Marcus.
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    CCW Considerations

    When I last moved to Cali I checked ahead of time and was told that if I had firearms that were on the "bad gun" list I had to leave them behind. Hard to figure Cali, glad I don't have to anymore.
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    April 2023 Black Sheep Week - Sand Hollow UT

    Wow. Prayers for his complete recovery.
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    CCW Considerations

    So how did the private party get it in the first place? The XMacro isn't even real small.
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    April 2023 Black Sheep Week - Sand Hollow UT

    How is your dad doing?
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    06 H3's Squeakin H3 Build

    What tires is the buggy running?
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    Thanks for letting me join.

    Welcome to H4O
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    Have a happy end of 2022

    2022 wasn't too bad but hopefully 2023 will be even better.
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    CCW Considerations

    Too bad. It is a really nice pistol.
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    Thinking of buying a 1992 H1

    Answered in another thread.
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    1992 H1?

    The 6.2 is a reliable engine. A bit underpowered but the Hummer isn't designed to be fast anyway. The factory AC did not work well in the 92/93 models when it worked. Most 92 H1s had CTIS but not all of them. Interior parts are out of production and hard to come by. Most mechanical parts are...
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    CCW Considerations

    So Mikkel waht do you think of the CZ. Can you get the Sig 365 XMacro in Cali? I really like it.
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    CCW Considerations

    No feeding issues with my Hellcat. Just using cheap Herter's and Winchester white box, which I think are the same thing.