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Owner Renagade132

Vehicle 2003 HUMMER H2 SUV
Engine Type 6.0
Vehicle Class Extreme 4x4
Color Black
Updated 01-06-2014 11:39 AM
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Hello everyone, I am glad. I found this site, and I am very happy to be part of this community. Here are some of my mods as. I can best list them. I have some older pics, but I will have to search where I stored them!

I'm trying to keep a list of what I have added and will add, but so much is happening at once in my life, I apologize for the lack of it being organized.
-Had interior leather seating all redone from the cream color to black leather, all pleated like the original seats, including heated seats reconnected.
-HIDs installed on headlights.
-installed super bright lights (will check the name) on the bumper spot lights that are also ballast driven, to make them brighter.
-replaced all exterior bulbs to LEDs, including turn signals, that switch from white to Amber as they flash, so they can be legal for use.
-replaced all interior lights to LEDs as well, there were over 18 LED bulbs to change.
-changed all exterior lights to smoked lens, including 3rd brake light at top in the back.
-installed rear black tail light guards
-installed smoked window visors
-installed sunroof visor
-installed a Havis laptop swivel mount
-installed front 2" tow hitch adapter to allow a regular tow hitch connection to attach (for some reason the factory one is mounted Verticle so a regular tow will install in the wrong direction. I temporarily installed a mini vault with combination (cool to store extra key, cash, or credit cards)
-I currently have a 12,500 lb winch (Tuff Stuff with wired and wireless remote) that is detachable on my Chevy Suburban, that is mounted on a plate with a 2" tow hitch sleeve, that I want to use on my Hummer if need be. I already ordered the quick connect plugs, which I will run the connectors to the front and back (I ordered quick connect 16 foot jumper cables as well) that way I can connect the winch in the front or back, same goes for jumper cables, in case I have to help someone.
-installed E&G wide body fender flares (made a huge difference, made the wider wheels not stick out as much)
-installed Boria Titanium headers
-installed a Gibson dual cat-back y split exhaust and muffler with stainless chrome tips (gave the truck a wonderful sound)
-had top of front windshield tinted
-had bumper spot lights and bottom fog lights tinted
-installed outer Snorkel unit. Custom installed inserts to make it removal
*** hopefully in the near future I want to get the Evolution CTS unit to control power, torque, and gas savings during different situations.
-if anyone has any questions on any of add on, please ask away! What I can't answer, I probably can get my mechanic buddy to help me answer, as he is the one that has done the work with me, but is also a professional mechanic.

ToDo List
***will be installing soon***
-Fabtech dual steering stabilizer
-upgrading alternator to a 300 amp alternator
-Upgrading to Brembo drilled disc rotors
-upgrading to Brembo brake pads
-installing LEDs on my dashboard lights (the halogen bulbs will have to be cut out and the new white LEDs have to be soldier back in)
-installing the Air Doc performance intake with my already installed K&N filter
-installing an IPad mini dash mounting plate
-installing a iPhone cell phone mount on dash