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02-12-2013, 09:25 PM
Legislation Briefing
Utah and Surrounding States.

Our plate has never been more full. USA-ALL is highly active in a number of things in Utah and surrounding states. Just 2 weeks into Utah's session and much has happened and even more is on the horizon.

In Utah we have recently (October 2012-current) served as THE ONLY motorized recreation representative on the Governor's Recreation Advisory Group. We helped craft recommendations that have been used to create the new Office of Recreation, the first in the country. USA-ALL worked hard to ensure that motorized recreation was and will continue to be on par and equal to ALL other forms of recreation and that our interest of access are included and promoted in that office. We have nothing against non-motorized recreation, in fact we love it too. We wanted to ensure that this office didn't become an insider lobbying office for SUWA and others who hate motorized recreation. Had USA-ALL not been at the table the outcome of this office may have been very different. We continue to monitor and work with this office and the other user groups who want this to be successful.

Legislative Bills:

1- USA-ALL has been working with the Governor's office and legislators to provide funding and direction for the recreation office. This will be done in a bill that has not been made public but is sponsored by Senator Jerry Stevenson. We are supportive of this effort.

2- We have been working on the next phase of legislation that will continue the effort to resolve the ownership and management of federally controlled lands in Utah. This bill is also not available to the public but we have worked through the draft and as of last reading we are supportive of it. This bill will be sponsored by Rep Roger Barrus.

3- USA-ALL is supportive of a OHV registration modification sponsored by Rep Spencer Cox. This bill will allow certain companies and their agents to transport unregistered vehicles in Utah. The idea is to not require a company like Yamaha to register an ATV that they may bring to Utah to a vendor show, etc.

4- USA-ALL strongly opposed a senate bill sponsored by newly appointed senator Jim Dubakis (D) of SLC. The resolution endorsed and encouraged the Obama administration to create a National Monument in the greater Canyonlands area. USA-ALL was one of 3 people who opposed the bill. That committee room was packed by SUWA supporters. We thought we might need an armed guard to get out of the room but then we remembered, "We pack heat, they pack granola bars!" so we weren't too worried. That bill died in committee. The committee killed it nicely by sending it to an interim study committee for further review. Trust us the bill is dead.

5- We also monitored and opposed the, "Climate Change" Bill that was cloaked in a bill aimed to give the State forester additional tools. He himself didn't even want or need the bill. It was the most entertaining committee we have attended in a long time. The room was again packed with environmental activists and college students. There was very emotional testimony. It's the first time we have seen 3 separate people cry while giving public comment. We also learned if you opposed that bill you are opposed to blue skies and small furry animals. it was quite the circus. There isn't time to recount the entire committee proceedings but the bottom line is we communicated with multiple members before, during, and after the hearing and we helped kill that bill in committee. Honestly it was pretty much DOA.

6- USA-ALL is in daily contact with legislators and others in other states that are trying to pass legislation similar to last year's HB148 by Rep. Ken Ivory. We are VERY supportive of their efforts and have leant expertise and advice to these legislators. We also may travel if required to speak in committee meetings of other states to help advance legislation. Currently the following states have introduced or are nearly done drafting legislation: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. Resolutions of support may also be introduced in Arkansas, and South Carolina. All of the previously mentioned states are currently in session.

For a great article on the NM effort Click Here (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001BDEeDmJhSv_NVU_QUsoIvAcewSvJhlwtr1X_80 mrnG3jna3mamv4u_WKrzYB6TgcHZkLR8B_1sK1DQVvqDDNdrb1 GJZRnsyV583CQi4GE52Kl92YI-tVKiw9dEuoqrpihc6Kws8pyDlWUL0frWNd_tSy_Efttf-ai8vxh1Fu9xmc9fryYWDVdNgXjUJVHRgJRcarVQBtc-wadsQI-IKQKQm-hFTzR0GsPrOp1KJi671najnccNHuPP0KCCAwcf8l9UP6WfoDEI Sh4MPLzJARwbbx-8-QZdcV-qboR0PGn7r4eeEvYN3Zo6bUUAdl_WSuq_dmnP7370H7bddFYqM lEvNXyZ5Q3Opv-wtCDSXCGwg=) this is a MUST READ! http://thewesterner.blogspot.com/2013/02/transfer-of-public-lands-act.html (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001BDEeDmJhSv_NVU_QUsoIvAcewSvJhlwtr1X_80 mrnG3jna3mamv4u_WKrzYB6TgcHZkLR8B_1sK1DQVvqDDNdrb1 GJZRnsyV583CQi4GE52Kl92YI-tVKiw9dEuoqrpihc6Kws8pyDlWUL0frWNd_tSy_Efttf-ai8vxh1Fu9xmc9fryYWDVdNgXjUJVHRgJRcarVQBtc-wadsQI-IKQKQm-hFTzR0GsPrOp1KJi671najnccNHuPP0KCCAwcf8l9UP6WfoDEI Sh4MPLzJARwbbx-8-QZdcV-qboR0PGn7r4eeEvYN3Zo6bUUAdl_WSuq_dmnP7370H7bddFYqM lEvNXyZ5Q3Opv-wtCDSXCGwg=)