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The United States Marine Corps would like to limit OHV use in Johnson Valley, but a dedicated group of offroaders called the Tin Benders 4×4 Club, whose membership includes families from around the country, hope to stop the Marine base expansion, and are donating funds to help ensure civilians can continue using the largest OHV area in the United States. The Tin Bender Jamboree attracted approximately 400 people and 110 Vehicles were officially registered for the event and therefore eligible for the free prize drawing. Roughly $10,000 was raised for the California Motorized Recreation Council (CMRC), which is leading the fight to save Johnson Valley as a premier destination for off-road motor sports events and family recreation. The Tin Benders $9,500 donation was pushed to $10,000 with a $500 donation from Mike Ruzicka who donated art work for the event T-Shirts.

“This land is very important to all of us, we need to do everything we can to protect it” said club member and Ultra 4 racer Eric Anderson.

Mike Hendrix a long time club member felt the event was the best to date, “even though attendance was down a bit this year, revenue was increased from years past. Nearly everyone who participated in the raffle had a winning ticket and came away with a really great prize.”

The Tin Benders are looking forward to next year, and they’re issuing a challenge to other clubs to get in gear and do some of their own fundraising to further the Johnson Valley cause. Many people are unaware that the Johnson Valley OHV area, which is the largest in the country, is under threat of becoming part of the massive 29 Palms Marine Corps base. The expansion will make it the largest base in the world – larger than the State of Rhode Island.

Eric Anderson concluded by saying “It’s encouraging to see how big an impact a small club like ours can have in such a noble cause, now we hope others will join in and help us win this fight once and for all. We’re not a large organization, but we felt we had to do our part to help save this amazing location. I hope others will be inspired to reach in their wallets and help protect this area from expansion”.

Fundraising is not new to the Tin Benders club. Many OHV enthusiasts should remember their efforts at Paniment Valley, where the club invested over 30 thousand dollars in an attempt to save Surprise Canyon.

If you would like to follow the lead of the Tin Benders and make a donation to the California Motorized Recreation Council “Save the Hammer’s” effort please visit www.savethehammers.org (http://www.savethehammers.org) With your help we can save the Johnson Valley OHV area.

This my friends is how impacts are made :)

The Johnson Valley OHV area - it's where the King of the Hammers (http://ultra4racing.com/featured/the-crown-goes-east-as-erik-miller-wins-the-2012-griffin-king-of-the-hammers/) event is held every year.

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I'm hoping that we can grow to where we can make similar impacts both on a local and national basis. In the meantime, we'll continue to support some of the national organizations in their fights to protect the rights of the OHV community.

Which reminds me . . . we need to do a raffle soon.

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Way to go Tin Benders! Yes Alex I would say that it is time for another raffle.

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Wow way to go tin benders!

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right on , thats huge :cheers:

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Thats awesome! Amazing impact, and cant wait for the next H4O raffle:)

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Many of the best and biggest land use donations come from clubs like these. And almost all are generated by events like the Tin Benders Jambo, Easter Jeep Safari, Sierra Trek, Desert Safari, Hump and Bump etc.

We all should belong to one of these associations and participate in one sponsored event per year. Not only does it show the Hummer "crowd" cares, but that we are actively involved in protecting our access to trails.

You don't have to become as politically involved as I am - just register for an event with a couple of your Hummer buddies and go! Don't be shy and be a great ambassador for the Hummer crowd!

Arizona: http://asa4wdc.org/
California: http://www.cal4wheel.com/
Utah: http://www.u4wda.org/
Colorado: http://www.hightrails.org/
Oregon: http://www.oohva.org/pages/new%20club%20page.html
Washington: http://www.pnw4wda.org/
Southern US: http://sfwda.org/
Northeast: http://nea4wd.org/