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This item might be extremely interesting to any long term camper, or anyone that vacations in remote cabins, as well as having an emergency use. Sun Ovens are fully functional ovens that are easily portable and use only the sun for fuel. They are capable of heating up to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and can bake bread or even whole turkeys, any type of conventional oven food. Processing time varies based on the amount of sunlight available, angle of the sun entering the oven, container used for the food, etc. But they work! We have one of these for camping, and have made whole meals in them with excellent results. A great side effect is that things don't burn because there is no direct heat source like a fire or stove. Additionally, things that require water will actually use less than normal recipes because the water stays in the oven, instead of evaporating.

They are frequently used in disaster areas and third world countries because they use no fuel other than sunlight and are a relatively cheap meal preparation device that can be used indefinitely.

Here is what they look like:


Their website: http://www.sunoven.com/ You can also make one, if you have some basic construction skills.

A few videos:



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Recipe blog link: http://www.sunoven.com/archives/category/daily-solar-cooking-recipe

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Here is a link with an eight video series on what a sun oven can and can't do: http://www.sunoven.com/sun-cooking-usa/how-to-use