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01-07-2021, 05:18 PM
While we were on vacation a couple weeks ago, our friend Big Rich and I sat down for a chat.

Conversations with Big Rich (https://www.facebook.com/bigrichpodcast/?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZXNCbe5WKmyHrc44on3Lv-fbfM5q3M_j0rdLoOWlJX3bRsjOuQGz-iRuU3NbscWi41FWHu-gQtBgGoXq8eOTSR8pCUv5oGbI6QlcCx34t_6Cs3UkRkp_Fippf clr7nTwEJUhSzRuhjJPkMyRamjj7KwiAkMJOYY1WIptcbmUX-rvg&__tn__=-UC%2CP-y-R)
Trail Boss Jacquelyn “Bebe” White takes us through running Hummers on the trail. Together with land use and our need to pay attention, Bebe shares her history as our first land use guest on the podcast. She brings a wealth of experience to the trail and to the Calls-to-Action we need to keep our trails open.
3:08 – the first Hummer purchase
4:36 – “oh, no, Miss Hummer”
6:27 – learning from Cranky Steve
10:28 – the brand gets involved with the Rubicon and me
18:06 – the H3 build and the options behind it
26:25 – on my way to being Trail Boss
33:16 –the rescue mission
42:27 – the importance of land use
46:49 –be part of the balance
53:52 –no trails, no sales
1:01:09 –repeal the Equal Access to Justice Act
We want to thank our sponsors Maxxis Tires and 4Low Magazine.
www.maxxis.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.maxxis.com%2F%3Ffbclid%3D IwAR0bb46UrjhE0mfDgCGOGmmvvHyfVxKgbMRT9KOowy2BV_x9 zeJrdBsrSFk&h=AT0YWFMG70jao1sD6IGzCta90jh1st_HU0DNf2T1h081N3Sd WyKy7iUUCGUxePNEFOoDT8e_jHl76BoFBcEG4zKu-9bg-ikydH-7v7qL2z5F6Wms9qLaMoDIIeor1mJo04L2&__tn__=-UK-y-R&c%5b0%5d=AT0WjBi7Oqxg2nu3nIEuf5De1mwYqv9vndWnmS5Mj Unemmf_hBtpvvPHJwZZ21UUEsB7M4T1mYMwqM-cq2qBkfld43IpQlNilQbHsfDoSkJHNIooqvcK2m3rNrdw_6eyJ INaZzwV--NYFqHVtDvNOhMq2oNCik09bFOR-NQAmrvMOcpez5KwP0YAZDbWvK7zAogxOQja)
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06 H3
01-08-2021, 10:11 AM
Oh I didn’t see this posted here! I already subscribed to his channel and when I saw your name pop up I got all excited!