View Full Version : Who owns and EV and who's considering the HUMMER EV?

09-20-2020, 12:11 AM
I know we have a few people here with Teslas and other electrified vehicles. I'm curious if the EV owners are more likely to consider the HUMMER EV when it comes out, or if others might be considering this as their first EV.

09-20-2020, 03:16 PM
Im definitely going to look at the SUV in 2023 or 24. It will be my first EV.

09-20-2020, 10:05 PM
The crab mode looks useful. Can be such a pain getting a new line some times or when you just need to get over a few inches to keep from rubbing. Not looking forward to the sticker price though, especially with it billed as a luxury vehicle.

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09-25-2020, 05:18 PM
Not at this point.

09-28-2020, 01:49 PM
One day I will get one, but I am not going to fork over a shed load of cash just to have one, the math/economics has to make sense as well.

09-28-2020, 02:29 PM
My work is forecasting for an electric truck in a year or two. I'm definitely pushing for the Hummer.

Alpha X
09-28-2020, 05:42 PM
I haven't had an EV, but I have owned a few gas/electric hybrids. Mercury Mariner hybrid (same as Ford Escape), and a Silverado crew cab hybrid. The GMC Hummer EV is on my 'strongly consider' list. My daily driver is a full size truck, even though I could get by with a mid size. The Hummer EV looks to be between mid size and full size (much like the Hummer H3T advertising of ten years ago). If it's in that sweet spot, can pull my H3T, and there's a decent enough charging network available, I'd strongly consider it. I really hope it blows us all away, and raises the bar for electric vehicles. We'll see.

09-29-2020, 12:48 PM
I like the Hummer EV, but I am not sold on EV tech yet. Don't get me wrong, I think EV tech is great and of course it keeps advancing and improving. I am all for controlling green house gases and reducing emissions. I just think EV's have a long way to go to be truly competitive with a modern combustion engine both from both a total cost/mile and a total emissions perspective. I am simply not convinced that the total combined cost per mile and the total emissions from production to lifecycle and ultimately disposal are that much better for EVs. So many studies only focus on the tailpipe emissions and not the big picture. What happens once the batteries are depleted? Is the vehicle basically worthless? Is the cost to replace the cells more than the residual value of the car? At that point, if you can't sell it, does it have any value to scrap it or recycle it? Do you just have to give it away? Talk about a financial kick in the balls! Finance an EV for 6 or 7 years, then the batteries take a dump in 10 years or less. You're then faced with throwing it in the trash or spending some serious money on battery replacement and recycling?

09-30-2020, 12:27 PM
Price point will determine, but I am considering

09-30-2020, 08:54 PM
I applaud GM for doing this. I *am* interested but I'd be surprised if the price fits in my budget. Also: with the advertised numbers fo rHP and torque, it must have incredibly large batteries, which will require LOTS of charge time and / or charge current.

Still... I will VEEEERY likely go look at one in person when possible

10-01-2020, 08:40 AM
Curiosity will force me to go look but I am not a buyer at this point. My guess is that pre-orders will mean there aren't any/many that will be on dealer showrooms to look at. ( see 2020 C8 Corvette )

10-01-2020, 02:29 PM
I am definitely curious, and with Speedy driving over 110 miles a day now, it could make sense for us. :)