Hello All,

Anybody interested in a Southeast Michigan Overland Meet Up in Novi, Michigan? I'm working on an overland set up (along with designing a roof rack and bed rack) and I'm interested in seeing some other Overland rigs and how others have their rigs and equipment set up. Plus, it's an opportunity to meet like minded people in the area who are into overlanding and wheeling. You never know when you might cross paths with someone on the trail or on the expressway.

I see this just taking place in a big parking lot on a Saturday afternoon for a few hours. I browse Hummer / Colorado / Tacoma / Overland forums and I'm gauging interest on a few different sites. I have a location in mind in Novi, MI 48377 with a big parking lot you can see from the expressway, near restaurants, hotels, shopping, etc, in case someone was bringing family or driving a little while to attend. I have no idea what the turnout would be like, but feel free to reply if this is of interest to you.