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    Depending on when, interested

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    id love to be in on this, ill be checking in to see if i can make it.

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    I made a few maps last year and flagged a few primative and not primative camping areas along Mojave Road / Afton Canyon last year.

    Went back and forth off I-15 to Afton, Rasor Road, Basin Road and Xyzyx Road, and doubled back and forth along a few trails there along with Mojave Road. I mapped out a few spots on GPS. There's an outdoor UP rail maintenance yard out that way and passed by a spot where a coal train derailed with a ton of scrap piled up from the cleanup.

    Only note, I'd say is Xyzyx Road is officially closed off to Mojave Road access. It's BLM owned, but it's under management of CSU and anything off road related is closed off for rehabilitation. Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out since I had time to kill, I drove up into the compound past the parking area, there's a road called Paul Tiberius which dog legs around a 90 degree angle before the center, and that leads behind the complex to the desert, but it's gated. The no trespass signs are facing the opposite way. Unless its an emergency, I'd just use Basin/Rasor road exits or something closer to baker. That being said CSU had a locked gate blocking access at the end of the Xzyzx properity but it seems like the hinges were unbolted so you could in theory lift the gate or unscrew the bolt holding the lock in place and just open the gate.. in theory.

    Also saw a few ranch/compounds out in the middle of nowhere out that way. Pretty cool.

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