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    H3 Sunroof Solution

    I know this is a common issue that has been discussed before. I have had the ongoing issues with the leaking sunroof leaking into my h3. I pulled the tubes cleaned them out and drilled out the rubber at the end of the grommet. That stopped it from leaking into my onstar mic. Then the water started to leak from the firewall where the tubes drain. Today I was washing my hummer and saw some pine needles sticking out from the rubber trim at the top of the windshield. I ended up taking it all off and the side trim, all of the drainage around the windshield was backed up with leaves, dirt, and pine needles. Then once I figured out where it was draining, I found another issue. The genius GM engineers designed the vehicle to drain right next to the air intakes on both sides of the windshield. I took off the air intakes covers to find the space loaded with dirt, leaves, and pine needles. I cleaned everything out with water and air, I should be getting more air into the engine now lmao. Anyone having this issue should pull all the trim and covers off ad clean it. Careful taking off the top trim piece, Its difficult to get back on, run it under hot water for a better fit before putting it back on.

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    That should lower the under-hood temps by 20 degrees at least (I wish)

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    Those are not air intakes. They simply cover up the hinges.
    For some reason GM went out of their way to make the most un-aerodynamic vehicle possible. Water-shed engineering is non-existent on the H3. The fuse box cover breaks at the first opening. The wiper valley fills with ice. The rear door seals fill with mud. The fake louvre funnels rain into the #1 coil-pak. The sunroof drains seem to intentionally be routed right into important electrical areas. Sigh.
    Love the H3 but, they require lots of attention in these areas.

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    I got tired of dealing with it so I disabled the sunroofs power and sealed it shut so I don't have anything come in. I never use it anyways. And I'm about to put a solar panel there as well.

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    Guess I don't really mind the quirks of an H3. If I just wanted a car that I never had to fiddle with other than change the oil I'd drive the wifes Mazda and be completely bored.
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