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Thread: Moab vehicle

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    So.... Having this Jeep triggers another thing / thought / project:

    I want to tow the Jeep to Moab so I'll need a trailer.

    Chances are, that I won't use the trailer very much, maybe JUST for Moab trips once or twice a year so I'd prefer to not sink a ton of money into it. On the other hand, I want something which won't leave me stranded on the side of the freeway with a blown tire / hung brakes / whatever else can go wrong. Storage is another thing. I don't have room to have a trailer sit and take up space.

    Seems like the ideal thing would be to rent a trailer for the Moab trips. Uhaul probably isn't an option as their car hauler trailers max out at 5000 pounds and the Jeep is more than that. Does anyone have suggestions on good places to rent trailers for a week long trip to Moab and back?

    I suppose I also could look for a used trailer, maybe save a bit of money that way.
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    All the trailer sales places around here have rentals also.
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